The best equipment delivered to your door!

We ski instructors know all too well how important it is to have well serviced equipment that is appropriate for your level of ability. We have curfully selected our ski hire partners because we feel they have the right balance of expertise, service and the right equipment. Your BASS instructor will be familiar with the type of ski you will be using and will help you get the best performance out of them. You can even change the level of equipment as you improve or learn new skills.

30% Discount with Whitestorm & Ski Higher

30% Discount

You will receive a discount code with your BASS reservation for this new and unique way to hire your equipment. BASS instructors will help you get the best out of the right equipment for you. White storm are our recommended supplier in all our resorts except Meribel.




Our recommended ski hire delivered to your door. 30% discount with a BASS reservation. online booking for ease and convenience. You BASS coach will ensure you have the right equipment to meet your needs.



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